MountSpecificationFlange Focal Distance
10mm M 10 x 0.5 thread No standard
12mm or S-mount M 12 x 0.5 thread No standard
CS-mount 1 x 32 thread 12.52mm
C-mount 1 x 32 thread 0.69 inches (17.52mm)
Leica mount (L) or M39 39mm x 26 threads/inch 60 deg Originally 26.6mm but varies
25mm mount M 25 x 0.5mm No standard
M42 mount M 42 x 1mm 45.46mm
T mount M 42 x 0.75mm 55.0mm
Canon (R, FL, FD) Bayonet, 48.0mm 42.0mm
Pentax (K) Bayonet, 48.5mm 45.5mm
Nikon (F) Bayonet, 47.0mm 46.5mm
Olympus (OM) Bayonet, 47.4mm 46.0mm


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