Automated Vision Systems helps businesses succeed with machine vision. We handle general assignments like surveying a plant for potential applications, or recommending an overall strategy for the incorporation of machine vision into your operations. We also handle very specific assignments like working with your staff to meet challenges on a specific installation.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Survey the enterprise to identify potential applications
  • Develop a strategy to integrate machine vision into the enterprise
  • Evaluate proposed uses for compatibility with technology
  • Recommend specific implementations for the enterprise to undertake
  • Study feasibility of applications to develop a workable approach
  • Demonstrate feasibility on-line
  • Develop functional and procurement specifications
  • Develop acceptance test procedures
  • Recommend suppliers with appropriate capability
  • Assess proposals from suppliers
  • Manage projects
  • Conduct acceptance tests
  • Develop lighting and optics solutions and packages
  • Develop application-specific software
  • Evaluate existing equipment and installations for suitability
  • Design application laboratories

How can we help your application succeed?

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