In more than six years of high-quality service from Automated Vision Systems I have found the expertise to include not only machine vision systems and algorithms, but also detailed opto-mechanical design and advanced analytical statistics. Founder Perry West is extremely innovative and precise in mechanical design, use of mathematical principles, and overall system design, evaluation, and performance improvement. His work has always been insightful, precise, innovative, resourceful, and comprehensive, and Automated Vision Systems has always been immediately responsive to every outreach and professional need.

Lester Ludwig
New Renaissance Institute

Perry is a consummate professional, with a broad involvement in high-tech culture and product development, dating from early Silicon Valley cameras and computer systems, into the expansive, industrial inspection industries of today. Preaching as a pioneer in this Machine Vision technology, he helped the industry expand, by supporting professional and corporate growth among companies and individuals. He created glue for working together through his education of manufacturing engineers into a common viewpoint of the technology. This guidance brought participants together for historic development in an infant industry of 120 competing companies, and led into a $3B business, where he still is called to the podium to dictate the lessons of the past.

Jim Solinsky
CEO & CTO at PST Inc.

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